Natural Bleeding Hemorrhoids Treatment

The other term used for bleeding piles is bleeding hemorrhoids. This condition takes place when the blood vessels found in the rectum became swollen, thereby resulting to the development of masses and clumps. Exertion of excessive pressure in the rectum mainly because of various factors can rupture the sore veins and cause bleeding. In some cases, the root cause of the condition is chronic constipation. Other causes, on the other hand, includes standing or sitting for long periods, obesity, lifting heavy weights, mental tension and childbirth. Bleeding hemorrhoids are usually accompanied with other symptoms including burning sensation, painful bowel movements and irritation or itching after moving bowels. Although this is not a serious health issue, early diagnosis and treatment is still necessary to prevent complications.


Bleeding hemorrhoids treatment involves the application of ointments, oral medications and suppositories, which are helpful in shrinking hemorrhoids and relieving the pain associated with it. Rubber band ligation is another effective method against the condition where a band is utilized and tied at the base of the hemorrhoids to restrict blood circulation, thus causing it to dry and fall off. In serious cases of bleeding hemorrhoids, blood clots may start to develop inside the rectum and the above-mentioned treatments may not be able to provide any relief, thus the condition may require a surgical procedure for its removal. If the condition is due to chronic constipation, treating constipation can help provide relief against the condition. In case it is due to being overweight or obesity, weight loss through proper diet and exercise might be recommended.

Home Remedies

There are lots of home remedies available for the condition and most of these can provide quick
relief against bleeding hemorrhoids. Some of the remedies that you can opt for include the following:

  • Seeds from figs are useful in curing the condition. Wash three to four figs thoroughly in lukewarm water and soak it overnight. Consume the figs the following morning with a glass of water on an empty stomach. Do this again in the evening and continue doing it for four weeks to eliminate painful hemorrhoids.
  • Mango seeds are also useful against bleeding hemorrhoids. Simply take out the seeds from a ripe¬†mango, allow it to dry up and turn it to powder. Mix up to 2 grams of it the powdered mango seeds with honey and consume it twice daily or until the condition subsides. The only problem with this remedy is that it may not be available the whole year. However, during its season, you can already prepare it and store it in a dry glass bottle.
  • Chebulic myrobalan fruit is a variety of herb that is popularly used for treating internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids and bleeding hemorrhoids. This herb has natural astringent and laxative properties that are helpful against the condition. Simply roast it with castor oil until it is golden brown in color, make a powder out of it and store it in a dry container. To use it as hemorrhoids treatment, simply put half a teaspoon of the powder under your tongue before bedtime and let it dissolve. This can help normalize your bowel movement the following morning, while its astringent properties can help cure hemorrhoids.

  • Gather some black mustard seeds, ground it and add it to a bowl of yogurt. Blend the mixture properly, consume it then drink a glass of buttermilk. Do this to relieve bleeding hemorrhoids as soon as possible, and other hemorrhoid conditions, such as internal or external hemorrhoids.

Bleeding hemorrhoids treatment should not be delayed because when it worsens, it could result to colon cancer in the future. The condition, on the other hand, can be prevented by avoiding the foods that can aggravate the conditions and opt for the ones that can help deal with the problem. Your diet should include foods that are helpful in easing digestion and softening stools, such as cereals, bran, fresh fruits and green vegetables. It is also necessary to consume at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. If your job requires sitting for long hours, make sure to sit on a cushion and avoid sitting on hard surfaces.

In case the remedies mentioned above cannot provide relief against the condition, your physician might suggest medical intervention. You might be recommended to undergo a surgical procedure for the treatment of the condition. There are several medical treatments available for the treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids and other hemorrhoid conditions, such as external or internal hemorrhoids. These may include rubber band ligation, Sclerotherapy, hemorrhoidectomy and infrared coagulation. However, before the utilization of these medical treatments, extensive medical diagnosis should be done to determine which among these is the most suitable for your hemorrhoids condition. After the procedure, you might be advised to follow preventive measures to prevent the condition from reoccurring and going through the same discomfort due to bleeding hemorrhoids.

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  1. Angelina says:

    This looks nasty. Mine is not like that..yet. I got scared when I saw that it could be colon cancer? I can’t imagine applying the home remedies to my bleeding hemy..

    • admin says:

      I understand how you feel. But no pain, no gain. And it’s better to do something about it while it’s still small and not bleeding yet. Don’t wait for it to aggravate.

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