How do Hemorrhoids go away?

What are hemorrhoids and do hemorrhoids go away? This can be a difficult question to answer because hemorrhoids can be a life-long condition or it could also be a short-lived problem. The answer to this depends on the nature of the condition, its severity and the available treatment options for it.  Hemorrhoids are varicose veins. These are varicose veins on the area of the rectum that could develop due to various factors and these varicosities are the same as the ones found on the legs with exactly the same behavior.

Since hemorrhoids are veins, they are subjected to the same physical forces coming from the body, just like any other veins. Their location in the internal anal and rectum area makes them vulnerable to pressures from body weight and from gravity. Other factors that can contribute to the development of hemorrhoids are genes, straining when moving bowels, poor bowel habits, body weight, proper hydration and fiber content in diets among others.

The development of internal or external hemorrhoids is very slow but they may increase in size overtime. When hemorrhoids are enlarged, they may start causing symptoms, such as burning and itching, especially when they are inflamed. Once these veins reached a huge size, they may start prolapsing or protruding out of the anal canal. When this happens, the condition can become extremely uncomfortable and pain and swelling are the secondary symptoms present mainly because of its protrusion.

Occasionally, the protruding hemorrhoids may develop blood clots and this can plug the vein. There are times when this may become extremely painful but can be easily resolved. Either the body can dissolve the clot or it can be removed by means of surgical procedures. There are times when the vein will develop into a scar and close off permanently. There are natural remedies that can also help you deal with hemorrhoids condition. You just have to check with your physician for help.

There are times when individuals experience having external or internal hemorrhoids conditions without even knowing it. Some cases of hemorrhoids may flair up occasionally, while others are proven extremely bothersome. Weight management, proper diet and regular exercise are some of the most basic cures for the condition. However, there are instances when surgical procedures might be recommended to obtain relief from the condition.

Mild cases of hemorrhoids can be managed using conservative methods and when properly dealt with, individuals can free themselves from this condition for life. Pregnancy-induced hemorrhoids conditions, which are considered common as well, usually go away after giving birth and will never reoccur again. Hemorrhoids conditions that are exacerbated by obesity may disappear when normal body weight is achieved through proper diet and regular exercises. Diet-related hemorrhoids problems can be easily dealt with through proper hydration and increased fiber intake.

Do hemorrhoids go away? Hemorrhoids can be a lifetime addition or a temporary condition, again, depending on the factors affecting it. Only the individual afflicted with the condition can provide an answer to this question. However, people should know that being familiar with the preventive measures for the condition could provide a huge help when dealing with this kind of condition. These preventive measures can also help determine if hemorrhoids would go away or not.

One effective hemorrhoids treatment is to make sure that stools are kept soft so that you will not have a hard time passing them. That means you do not have to strain when passing bowels. When afflicted with the condition, you should also make sure that you empty bowels once you feel the urge. Walking exercises, high fiber intake and proper hydration can also help you prevent constipation, thus relieving hemorrhoids conditions.

In case you are having a hard time dealing with the condition, you should familiarize yourself with the home remedies available for it. Take note that aside from diet and exercise, you can also opt for sitz bath to reduce the pain and discomfort due to the condition. You can also make use of suppositories or other OTC medications, especially when you are having difficulties moving bowels or emptying your stomach completely.

For severe cases of hemorrhoids, such as bleeding hemorrhoids, medical intervention might be necessary. Proper diagnosis should be done immediately in order to rule out underlying medical conditions, such as colorectal cancer. In case there are no serious conditions behind the hemorrhoids problem, your physician might suggest surgical procedures for the removal of the hemorrhoids. These surgical procedures can provide immediate relief against the problem.

To avoid the condition from recurring, you might need to follow the preventive measures stated above and stick to a diet that can help you manage the condition properly. Since these preventive measures are natural, you do not have to worry about any side effects. You can even follow these measures on a daily basis, as it will not help you deal with your hemorrhoids condition, but also help you maintain an overall health condition.

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  1. Enzo says:

    So, the answer is they may or may not go away? It depends on the severity and type of the hemorrhoids. Surgery is last resort right?

  2. admin says:

    That’s right. For severe hemorrhoids, surgery might be necessary.

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