Familiarize Yourself with Hemorrhoids Complications

Hemorrhoids are classified as internal or external. This is the condition where the veins found in
the anus or rectum become swollen or enlarged. Some hemorrhoids conditions can be easily treated while there are those that may start to bleed and cause a far more serious problem. Bleeding hemorrhoids usually occur when the swollen veins are scratched due to the passing of hard stools, thus leading to various complications.


Pain when seated or moving bowels are one of the common complications of hemorrhoids. Painful hemorrhoids normally occur when internal hemorrhoids became prolapsed and gripped by the external sphincter of the anus during the passing of stools. When this occurs, congestion may take place and blood circulation is impeded within the area affected, thus resulting to strangulation. Strangulation can result to extreme pain, which is known as the acute attack of hemorrhoids or piles. Reducing or removing the hemorrhoids completely through hemorrhoidectomy is the most recommended solution for such condition. Another common cause of pain occurs when the opening of the anal canal loses its elasticity and this is also known as fibrosis.

Iron-Deficiency Anemia

According to experts, severe hemorrhoids can lead to iron-deficiency anemia. This is a condition where the amount of red blood cells is reduced due to reduced amount of iron. This usually occurs when prolonged blood loss takes place. However, blood loss due to bleeding hemorrhoids is a rare occasion.



The blood in the swollen hemorrhoidal veins can result to blood clots and these can be transported to various body parts and cause thrombosis. Thrombosis can be dangerous, as it can lodge within the extremities and trigger pain and blood circulation problems. It can become more dangerous once the blood gets to the brain, as it can lead to stroke and death. When the symptoms of hemorrhoids are severe or symptoms of thrombosis are present, make sure to opt for a surgical procedure immediately in order to cure the condition before it worsen


Hemorrhoids conditions can impede blood circulation within the surrounding tissues, thus causing other tissues to become deprived of the necessary oxygen. The flow of blood in the hemorrhoids can become constricted as well, thus leading to superficial sloughing. There are times where the whole hemorrhoids are sloughed off as well, thus resulting to the development of ulcer. Due to insufficient amount of oxygen, the tissues surrounding the hemorrhoidal veins may turn black and die, thus resulting to gangrene. To prevent this, a hemorrhoids surgery might be necessary as well.

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  1. Alexa says:

    This sounds scary. Are these complications common? I have a hemorrhoid and a mild bleeding already, i don’t want these to happen to me. Are there ways to prevent them? Supplements? Vitamins? Whatever?

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