Helpful Methods to Shrink Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are the enlarged veins surrounding the rectum and the anus, which causes severe pain. Hemorrhoids during pregnancy, long hours of sitting on the toilet and other provocative factors can result to the condition. Affected individuals may experience pain while defecating and in worse cases, bleeding may occur as well. However, it is possible to shrink hemorrhoids and save yourself from its symptoms. You can do this with the following:

  • You can do anything that can cut down blood supply into the hemorrhoids. One effective method is to place ice on the affected region for not more than 20 minutes. However, applying ice can be done up to thrice a day for better results.
  • Rubbing the affected region using a toilet paper can only make it worse. Hence, it is advised that you avoid using toilet or tissue paper when wiping your bottom. Instead of wiping, wash the area using lukewarm water to shrink the hemorrhoids.
  • Apple cider vinegar can also provide good results against external and internal hemorrhoids symptoms. Simply dip a cotton ball to the vinegar and apply it on the area affected. This has to be done two or three times daily to rip its benefits.
  • Another interesting way to deal with hemorrhoids is to opt for a sitz bath. This is done by filling a tub with warm water and soaking your bottom into it. When doing this, make sure that you are doing it in proper position to avoid adding pressure to the hemorrhoids.

If the above mentioned remedies cannot provide relief against hemorrhoids, it would be best to consult your physician for topical medications that you can use against the condition. Your physician can also provide you information on how to prevent hemorrhoids.

  • Regular consumption of horse chestnut is also effective against hemorrhoids.
  • Sweet clover is regarded as one of the most potent herbal remedy for the circulatory system, as it promotes proper blood circulation and reduce swelling in blood vessels.

  • Rubber band ligation is considered as one of the most effective surgical procedures against hemorrhoids. This is when a band is placed around the swollen blood vessels to stop blood flow and shrink hemorrhoids.

In case you are prone to developing hemorrhoids, it is necessary to take safety measures in order to prevent the condition from recurring. If you want to obtain permanent relief from the condition, you can opt for a surgical procedure, such as laser treatment for hemorrhoids. However, before opting for any surgical procedure, make sure to consult your physician first for proper diagnosis.


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